a little about me.

Foodie. Halloween enthusiast. Wife. Boy mom. 🦋

Funny story on where I got to where I am today. Rewind to 2009, where I had blonde chunks peeking through parts of my hair and took graphic design to have an excuse to be with my friends in class in order to feel like I fit in. I learned the basics and quickly fell head over heals with being behind the camera and photoshop. Mind you, I wasn’t very good and had a lot to learn, but I soon learned to prove myself and others.

Fast forward to 2014 where I challenged myself in college to experience more than just business classes. I expanded my portfolio and learned art is just that: art. It is whatever you make of it. Photography and graphic design has showed me: be who you want because there is only one you (so what, if other people don’t like that). Two years later, I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing- my passion project is Photography and design, but I wanted to challenge myself more creativity. I wanted to combine my love of marketing with psychology in a blog. That’s when I started: The Modern Rose to showcase my art but also push myself creatively in writing about my thoughts, passions, goals and lifestyle.

So here I am & welcome to my secret garden where the flowers are colored with life, love and a little bit of everything in between.