The Only Guide You’ll Need for: Lightroom Mobile Presets

Photography is changing more than ever and my life as a photographer now is very different than this time last year. Not only am I not booking sessions as regularly, our phones do just as good of a job as my professional camera.

I have been making presets for a while, but never shared them and I am ready to! At 1 am the other morning when I couldn’t sleep (thanks pregnancy) I thought why not do it now?! In addition to blogging I have opened an Etsy shop (link below) and started creating some preset packages so you can edit your photos just like me!

Download Presets

Download digital sunshine to make your photos pop in a second! Easy download for Presets and upload right into the Lightroom App!

1: Unzip & save the files
2: Save the Presets
3: Open the Lightroom Mobile App
4: Add the DNG/Preset Files to Lightroom
5: Create awesome photos!

Tag my presets on social media #digitalsunshinepresets




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